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90° Caprese
Iced cheeses, tomato, bask, extra virg in olive oil

Torta d cacto e peppe, truffle

Wood fired scallop on the shell

Foie Gras Mandili Pasta
Handkerchief pasta, foie gras emulsion, foie gras snow

House curefi shorlribs marioara, tion di lathe, porcio

Cookies and Ice Cream
Stout gelato. fresh cooked cookies

Add Ons:
Steak & Egg (min 2 pax)
Polenta fries, onion pure, bordelaise, slow cooked epp
- USDA PRIME Tender Join + 150
- Mbs 9+ Australian Wagyu Striploin +295
- A5 Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu str ip!oin +495

Yolk cavatelIi, crustacean emulsion, hokkigai. sea urchin air +185

Atlantic Cod & Caviar
Puttanesca style +295

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